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Tekken Tag Full Version تحميل تورنت 1 arabp2p.com
Tekken Tag Tournament:-
Tekken Tag Tournament (or commonly abbreviated as TTT)[6] is the fourth installment in the popular Tekken fighting game series. It, however, is not canonical to the Tekken storyline. The game was originally available as an update kit for Tekken 3. Tekken Tag Tournament was originally for the arcade before a release to the PlayStation 2. The arcade version operated similarly, but ran on a 32 bit graphics engine like Tekken 3. It received upgraded graphics when it was ported to the home system. It, along with Tekken 4 and Soulcalibur II, was re-released in 2008 as a part of Namco Classic Fighter Collection. After 10 years, a sequel has been announced named Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
Character roster:-
* Alex (unlockable, alternate costume for Roger)
* Angel (unlockable, alternate costume for Devil)
* Anna Williams
* Armor King
* Baek Doo San
* Bruce Irvin (unlockable)
* Bryan Fury
* Devil (unlockable)
* Eddy Gordo
* Forest Law
* Ganryu
* Gun Jack
* Heihachi Mishima
* Hwoarang
* Jack-2 (unlockable)
* Jin Kazama
* Julia Chang
* Jun Kazama
* Kazuya Mishima (unlockable)
* King
* Kuma (unlockable)
* Kunimitsu (unlockable)
* Lee Chaolan (unlockable)
* Lei Wulong
* Ling Xiaoyu
* Michelle Chang
* Mokujin (unlockable)
* Nina Williams
* Ogre (unlockable)
* Panda (unlockable, alternate costume for Kuma)
* Paul Phoenix
* Prototype Jack (unlockable)
* Roger (unlockable)
* Tiger Jackson (unlockable, alternate costume for Eddy Gordo)
* True Ogre (unlockable)
* Wang Jinrei (unlockable)
* Yoshimitsu

[edit] New characters

* Tetsujin (unlockable, alternate costume for Mokujin)
* Unknown (unlockable only in PS2 release)

How to Use:-
1. Extract the file.
2. After Extract u See Teeken Tag.iso(604 MB)
3. Burn Image.
4. Play and Enjoy...
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