Evil Twin Cyprien's Chronicles (2001) PAL Multi5 PS2

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Evil Twin Cyprien's Chronicles (2001) PAL Multi5 PS2

Evil Twin Cyprien

Game informations:
-Type: 3D Platformer
-Language: Multi5
-Players: 1-4
-Release: 05/12/2001
-Format: ISO
-Tested with: PAL


Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles takes place in a fully three-dimensional environment nightmares. Her character is Cyprien, a naive but resolute ten orphan whose unknown forces moved into the world of sleep. The ethereal realm in great danger. We have to find the source, traveling through the scary, nightmarish spaces.

During the trek, we find various tips leading to the goal. Also help in our mission are talking to other characters. To release the other from the influence of dark forces, we must also face the terrible monsters. In the struggle we become a warrior - called Super Cyprien. We get the special powers that increase our combat skills. In addition to the dedicated mode for single player, you can play multiplayer for two people.

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