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FIFA 13 [PS2ISOPL] WORKS تحميل تورنت 1
FIFA 13 is the next edition of a very popular series from EA Sports game players. The game once again brings a significant number of changes that affect the gameplay.

"Thirteen" went through the greatest number of changes in the history of the series. First of all, it reflects the drama and unpredictability of football. Players much more involved in the game, so every game is something of a struggle for survival in a world of great football.

The largest patch hit the main aspects of the sport, that is: dribbling, control of the ball, fight "shoulder to shoulder" or artificial intelligence opponents.

When it comes to dribbling is, as always, there were a couple of new air terminal. Moreover, if we control futbolówkę well, we can pass the next opponents, moving every now and then in the other direction. Regarding AI primarily attacking players. They are trying to discover what tactics trying to play the player and the information to break through the defensive block. More often we see the phenomenon of runs, the free space, or expressing an opponent making a "hole" friend. I have to take over the ball, it's also undergone a lot of changes. This time we did not have to pick a perfect ball every time. We have a lot of sweat to take her back, and when it pops up this time after the adoption of an unscrupulous lawyer will use this and fix their earlier mistake.
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