Quake III Arena (1.0) Android

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أفضل رافع خارجي - يونيو/2013
أفضل رافع خارجي - يونيو/2013

Quake III Arena (1.0) Android تحميل تورنت 1 arabp2p.com
Quake III Arena (1.0) Android تحميل تورنت 2 arabp2p.com
Year: 2013
Genre: Shooter
Developer: roma ~ ~
Language: ENG
Publication Type: Porting

System requirements:
ΓÇó Architecture: ARMv7 / ARMv6
ΓÇó Platform: Android OS 2.2 +
ΓÇó Screen resolution: Multi
ΓÇó Supports Multitouch: Present
ΓÇó Type of Installer: apk + cache (sdcard/qiii4a/baseq3 (if there is no folder qiii4a create your own)

Quake III Arena - it's ported version, which is not inferior to all the features and quality. The game is designed for multi-user mode. Type of effects from the first person. A wide range of weapons, protection and health. What words? - And so probably everyone has played it on the PC.
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